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The OMPH Program posts announcements it receives as a courtesy to our students. This is for information purposes, and does not represent an endorsement. Positions are generally posted for 3 months. 

If you have a career opportunity that you would like to have posted on the Oregon MPH website and/or disseminated over the OMPH listserv, please email post_it@oregonmph.org. Please provide a position title, organization, and location, and a link to the full description on your own website. If possible, please do not send electronic documents, fliers, or application forms; instead provide a link to these materials on your website. 

Also, check out the Oregon MPH Career and Job Search Guide. This resource has helpful information on the career development process, job search documents, interview strategies, negotiating job offers, and other helpful information!

Posted 04/11/14

Posted 04/04/14

  • Program Director- OHSU Center for Evidence-based Policy, Pay for Performance Program

Posted 03/28/14

Posted 03/21/14

Posted 03/14/14

Posted 03/07/14

Posted 02/28/14

Posted 02/21/14

Posted 02/14/14

Posted 02/07/14

Posted 01/31/14

Posted 01/24/14

Posted 01/17/14

Posted 12/20/13

Posted 12/13/13

  • Dietician- Josephine County Public Health, Grants Pass, OR
  • Health Analyst- Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Budget Analysis Division, Washington, D.C.

Posted 11/22/13

Posted 11/15/13

Posted 11/08/13

  • Policy Analyst- Oregon Health Authority (Medical Assistance Programs), Salem, OR

Posted 11/01/13

  • Victim Advocate- Multnomah County District Attorney's Office, Portland, OR

Posted 10/25/13

Posted 10/18/13

Posted 10/11/13

  • CHW Health Educator- Community Capacitation Center (Multnomah County Health Department), Portland, OR
  • Data Analyst- Wellness & Education Board of Central Oregon (WEBCO), various locations
  • Program Specialist, Wraparound- Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Portland, OR

Posted 10/04/13

  • Data Collector- Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, UNC, various locations

Posted 09/27/13

  • Director- OHSU Environmental Health & Radiation Safety Department, Portland, OR
  • Financial Analyst- Clackamas County Health, Housing & Human Services Department, Oregon City, OR

Posted 09/20/13

Posted 09/13/13

Posted 09/06/13

Posted 08/30/13

  • Health Educator- Multnomah County STD/HIV/Hepatitis C and Adolescent Health Program, Portland, OR
  • Program Coordinator- Multnomah County Health Centers' Business Operations Program, Portland, OR

Posted 08/23/13

  • Data Analyst- Gateway to College National Network (GtCNN), Portland, OR
  • Research Analyst- State of Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC), Olympia, WA


Posted 08/16/13


Posted 08/09/13

  • Researcher- The Oregon Community Foundation, Portland, OR

Posted 08/02/13

Posted 07/26/13

Posted 07/19/13

Posted 07/12/13

  • Research Analyst 3- Office of Health Analytics, Oregon Health Authority, Salem/Portland, OR

Posted 07/05/13

  • Program Analyst- Wellness & Education Board of Central Oregon (WEBCO), Prineville, OR 

Posted 06/28/13

Posted 06/21/13

Posted 06/14/13

  • Program Coordinator- Oregon Public Health Division’s Climate & Health Program, Portland, OR

Posted 06/07/13

Posted 05/31/13

  • Epidemiologist- CDC, Department of Health and Human Services, Anchorage, AK

Posted 05/24/13

Posted 05/17/13

Posted 05/06/13

Posted 03/15/13

Posted 03/08/13

Posted 03/01/13

Posted 02/22/13

Posted 02/15/13

  • Program Analyst (Farm to School Analyst)- Dept. of Agriculture, Alexandria, VA

Posted 02/08/13

  • Research Analyst- Oregon Health Authority, Health Policy & Research, Salem or Portland, OR

Posted 02/01/13

Posted 01/25/13

Posted 01/18/13

  • Field Director- Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc., Milwaukee or Madison, WI
  • Program Specialist - Multnomah County Domestic Violence Coordinator's Office, Portland, OR

Posted 01/11/13

Posted 01/04/13

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